Kybernado is Slovak indie company,
which provides free games for retro and casual gamers and useful programs.

We started as making games just for fun, but then we decided to put it onto a website, which was updated two times. This is the third version. Second version can be found at

First, some games were paid, but nobody bought them at first, so we put them free as donationware on and We plan to put our games on Steam too. After we produced some games we started producing useful programs, which had better success.

These programs are for anybody that likes simple utilities, that aren't eating up much drive space, but our games are only for retro, casual or indie gamers, not for AAA gamers.

Our products are primary for Windows, then for Linux, but we will create more apps for Linux, but our final idea for executables is extend our projects also to Android, iOS and MacOS. We're working even on some useful websites now. We will update the main page when they are finished.

This is our logo.
We are developing it in the opposite way other companies do. It started as flat logo, but now it's shaded and has its shadow as you can see. We don't think it's good idea to simplify everything visual.

If you need technical or non technical support about our products, or just have questions, feel free to write to forum or to our support mail through our "contact" section or through your e-mail client. If you want to write us through your e-mail client, write to e-mail whih is on left side of header.