Amalka The Fairy

Nice cartoon game for pre-school age children. In this short game you must help a fairy named Amalka to find her little blue dog Buffi in the magic forest.

2016 |

Dramatic horror zombie shooter and zombie axe smasher. This game will contain the best and most dramatic storyline ever seen in our games.

2019 |
Black & White - Disoriented

Retro puzzle maze game, where you will have to pass through 6 visually same, but in gameplay a little bit diferrent levels with just two colors.

2017 |
Gift of Life

Challenging platformer, with 7 levels and original bossfight. In this game you have two difficulties, medium and hard mode. In hard mode you don't have any checkpoints.

2018 |
Super Solid

Arcade logic shooter game with no textures, just solid colors. The more you play, the more elements you'll experience. Easy in beginning, but hard in ending.

2019 |

Hardcore easy to learn, but hard to master sci-fi retro styled shooter with retro gameplay and retro graphics with 14 chapters, each with 20 levels.

2015 |
The Curse of Loonies

Mystery fantasy and massive horror game with seemingly severe storyline. This game contains 19 types of enemies, 16 locations and 10 weapons.

2016 |
The Humasaf

N64 like action cartoon game mainly for kids. This game will have 4 areas, each area with 5 levels and the last level of each area will contain one boss.

2019 |
World of Romar

Nice retro pixelated rpg game with modern rpg system. This game will contain not too short storyline and a lot of side quests. The world won't be small too.

2020 |

Retro styled zombie shooter with 4 acts, each act with 5 parts an each part with 15 levels. This game is very easy in start, but very hard in ending.

2016 |
Zombo Combo

2D isometric zombie shooter for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. This game will contain 25 default levels, co-op and PvP, but what's better, this game will contain level editor.

2019 |